Joyeuse is the name of Charlemagne’s sword. The sword was said to be so bright it would blind its enemies. It is also said that the person who held it could not be poisoned. Forged by Galas, it took three years to complete.

The Joyeuse sword dates back to the year 802. The Emperor Charlemagne, coming back from Spain was said to have set up camp in the region. During battle, he allegedly lost his sword, the Joyeuse, and promised a generous reward for the person who could find it.

After several attempts, one of his soldiers finally brought it to him and Charlemagne kept his promise saying to him: « Here will be built an estate of which you will be the lord and master, and your descendants will take the name of my wonderful sword: Joyeuse». While speaking, Charlemagne is said to have strongly planted his sword, the Joyeuse, in the ground to mark the point where the town would be built.

A lane in Joyeuse

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